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Examples of Theses

A selection of past thesis topics can be found below. These should give you an idea of types of topics supervised at our department.

Please contact our research assistants for current open thesis topics.

Topic Supervisor
Combining risk-oriented weighting and momentum strategies: an empirical investigation Alexander Pütz
Prognose der Performance von Investmentfonds mittels R² Alexander Pütz
Hedge fund regulation and smoothed returns Alexander Pütz
Smart beta strategies for bonds Alexander Pütz
Eigenschaften von Fondsmanagern und Fondsperformance Florian Sonnenburg
Governance Mechanismen bei Investmentfonds Florian Sonnenburg
Managerial Ownership and Fund Manager Skills Florian Sonnenburg
Portfolio Manager Compensation: Determinants and Impact on Fund Performance Florian Sonnenburg

Das soziale Netzwerk von Investoren

Stefan Jaspersen

Portfolioentscheidungen und Skills von Fondsmanagern

Stefan Jaspersen

Strategische Entscheidungen in Fondsfamilien

Stefan Jaspersen

Internationale Profitabilität von Momentum-Strategien

Stefan Jaspersen

Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Finance: Predicting the Direction of European Stock Index Movements using Artificial Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines

Mario Hendriock

Predicting Profitability employing Firm Fundamentals - Forecasting Earnings and Returns via Accounting Information

Mario Hendriock

Theoretical Background and Empirical Evidence of Risk-Based Investment Strategies

Mario Hendriock
Portfolio Optimization: Alternatives to Historical Parameter Estimates Mario Hendriock
Director characteristics and the fee-setting process in the mutual fund industry  Simon Lesmeister
Executive compensation Simon Lesmeister

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