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Creditable abroad studies


In principle, the crediting of academic performance as attested at an University abroad at the Department of Business Administration and Finance is possible.

We are responsible for crediting of the courses "Investmentmanagement" (Bachelor), "Application of Capital Market Theory", "Asset Management", "Capital Market Theory", "Fixed Income Management" as well as crediting a course as a "Hauptseminar". In individual cases, a crediting in the field “Ausgewählte Fragen” might be possible.

General Prerequisites for the crediting of test performance are:

  • Each test performance attested abroad can only be credited for one test performance at home.
  • The contents of the courses have to coincide substantially.
  • The test performance to be credited is ought to correspond to a comparable phase of your studies (e.g. main studies at master level).
  • For a 6 Credit Point module to get credited at home, the test performance abroad shall sum up to approximately 6 ECTS. In order to achieve this amount, it is possible to combine courses abroad.

Specific prerequisites for crediting as a "Hauptseminar":

  • In order to be accepted as a "Hauptseminar", courses abroad have to entail a graded seminar paper or an alternative seminar performance, which is comparable with local seminar performances.
  • After the stay abroad, the student is obliged to hand in the elaborations being achieved during the course of the seminar.

Before the stay abroad:

It is urgently recommended to coordinate the creditability of studies abroad with the WiSo Center for Crediting Foreign Examinations before the stay abroad. Please provide the following information:

  • Outline of the course,
  • list of literature,
  • information about the phase of study of the course and
  • information about the Credit Points achievable as well as the workload of the course.


Change of modalities since October 2012:

Since the 1st of October 2012, the WiSo Center for Crediting Foreign Examinations is the single point of contact for students on all matters relating to credit transfer. Here, the examination office, the ZIB as well as all discipline-specific creditors (thus, we as the chair of Business Administration and Finance, too) are consolidated. The students are ought to file in all their (pre-)applications for crediting foreign examinations via the homepage of said central office. The applications will get electronically collected and applicants will receive a pdf.-document attached to an e-mail, which serves as an application to be subscribed and handed in. Only applications submitted that way will be accepted.

We aim at realizing as much pre-accreditations as possible. In this cases, it is no longer necessary to hand in the course material at our chair, the exception being seminar papers or cases concerning the crediting as a "Hauptseminar". For a pre-accreditation, it is necessary to collect comprehensive information. If this proves to be either a difficulty or even an impossibility, the course can still be credited for after the return from the stay abroad. In that case, the course material has to be submitted electronically or handed in as a hard copy.

Please pay special attention to the cutoff date regulation of the examination office for crediting!

Note: The foregoing information resemble the present state, which are possibly object to changes at any point in time. In this case, we are going to adapt the information immediately.