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Research Cooperations

The Centre for Financial Research (CFR) is a research institute at the University of Cologne, which was founded in 2004. It improves the department’s relation between practice and research by providing practical relevant research in the area of finance.

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Course Cooperations

We are interested in offering our students course lectures, which are held by practitioners as often as possible. Examples are the course “Asset Management”, where we have been supported by Dr. Rudolf Apenbrinck (HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG) and the course “Risk Management”, which was offered by Dr. Martin Bardenhewer (Züricher Kantonalbank).

In addition guest lectures take place continuously in line with our courses. We could successfully integrate presentations of Oliver Wyman Fiancial Services, Sal. Oppenheim, KPMG, alpha portfolio advisors, Bayer-Pensionskasse VVaG and HSBC in the courses of the previous semesters.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to write your final thesis  in cooperation with a company.

CFR Student Group

At the CFR Student Group, students with a particular interest in finance related topics meet. They organise presentations about current topics, company presentations, case studies and presentations by those who recently started their carreer. The activities are centred around the discussion between students and companies with the aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

If you have any questions concerning the CFR Student Group and their events please contact this email address: