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Academic Framework


Data Sources

Our staff is able to access a variety of data sources. The following section provides a brief overview of the main databases that we use in our research projects:

In the context of a joint project of the Centre for Financial Research (CFR) and the chairs of Prof. Alexander Kempf and Prof. Erik Theissen, a dataset containing the Fama-French factors, the Carhart factor and several test portfolios for the German equity market was created. The dataset is downloadable at the CFR website.Additionally we have access to WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services), a leading platform for international financial market data. WRDS allows us to use common international stock, bond and mutual fund databases like Compustat, CRSP, TAQ, and TRACE.
Our staff and students writing their diploma or master thesis at our chair are furthermore offered access to "Refinitv Eikon" (formerly known as "Thomson Reuters Datastream").  For this, please refer to this site.



The Centre for Financial Research (CFR) is a research institute at the University of Cologne. It conducts independent research of high quality and practical relevance in the area of finance. The CFR was founded on the initiative of Professor Dr. Alexander Kempf and Professor Dr. Axel Weber in 2004.


The CFRs integrates talented students and graduates into its research, in order to facilitate their entry into international research. As a competence center for finance, the CFR is finding resonance in academia and practitioners.

For further information visit the website of the CFR.


Research Seminar


Renowned national and international researchers present their research in the "CFR research seminar". These presentations take place in room 610A in the WiSo building at the University of Cologne. All persons - researchers and practitioners alike - who are interested in the topics to be presented in the seminar are very welcome at any time. It is not necessary to register for the participation beforehand.

See the CFR Website for the schedule.


Current research of the seminar's research assistants is presented in the "CFR Internal Seminar". Guests can participate by invitation.

See the CFR Website for the schedule.