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Main Research


  • Capital markets
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial intermediary fund






Working Papers



  • "Fixed Income Management" ST 2022


  • "Fixed Income Management" ST 2017, ST 2022
  • "Capital Market Theory" WT 2017/18, WT 2018/19, WT 2019/20

Master seminars

  • "Current topics in asset management" ST 2017
  • "What's Hot in Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund Research?" WT 2017/18
  • "Topics in Investments" WT 2018/19
  • "Facets of Active Asset Management" WT 2020/21

Bachelor seminars

  • "Current Topics in Investments" WT 2019/20
  • "Facets of Active Asset Management" WT 2021/22

Supervised Theses

A first overview of past thesis topics can be found here.

In particularly interested in a Master Thesis in the realm of applying stochastic processes or “Artificial Intelligence” in the form of “Machine Learning” to financial market data as well as in a Master Thesis about Portfolio Theory.