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Curriculum vitae

2020 Substitution of Professorship "Financial Economics" (Prof. Isabel Schnabel) at the University of Bonn
since 2016 Assistant Professor at the Department of Business Administration and Finance at the University of Cologne, Professorship for Investments at Centre for Financial Research Cologne (CFR)
2012-2016 Postdoctoral Researcher at the Chair of Banking and Finance of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
2008-2012 Scientific Assistant and Doctoral Candidate at the chair of Banking and Finance of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
2011 Visiting Ph.D., Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands (Host: Prof. Abe de Jong)
2011 Conferral of the doctorate rer. pol.: "The Role of Reputation in Corporate Finance: Evidence from Corporate Bonds, Delegated Monitoring, and Corporate Name Changes" at the Karslruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
(Supervisor: Prof. Martin Ruckes, Prof. Werner De Bondt)
2002-2007 Study of Economics at the University of Bonn

Main research

  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Governance and Managerial Economics
  • Financial Markets
  • Social Finance

Media Coverage

  • Bloomberg, Duke University's FinReg Blog, Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, Oxford Business Law Blog, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Wirtschaftswoche

Joint Virtual Research Seminar Series

Universities Bonn, Cologne, Dortmund, Wuppertal and WHU


In international refereed journals:

In German refereed journals:

Other publications:

Working Papers

  • The M&A Rumor Productivity Dip
    (with Christian Andres, Dmitry Bazhutov and Douglas Cumming) 
  • CEO Tenure and Firm Value
    (with Francois Brochet, Markus Schmid and Meik Scholz) 

    • Conferences: AFFI Finance Meeting Paris 2015, German Finance Association (DGF) 2016, Swiss Finance Association (SGF) 2016, VHB 2016, European Financial Management Association 2016, FARS 2019
    • Revise and Resubmit

  • Run, CEO, Run! An Exploration of Financial Market Reactions to CEO Fitness
    CFR Working Paper 14-12 (with Robert Campbell, Florian Sonnenburg and Kate Zipay) 

    • Conferences: Western Finance Association meeting (WFA) 2016, FMA Las Vegas 2016, German Finance Association (DGF) 2016, 2nd Edinburgh Corporate Finance Conference, Swiss Finance Association (SGF) 2015

  • Screening Discrimination in Financial Markets: Evidence from CEO-Fund Manager Dyads
    CFR Working Paper No. 17-02 (with Stefan Jaspersen)

    • Conferences: AFFI Finance Meeting Paris 2017, FIRS 2018, German Finance Association (DGF) 2018

  • Till death (or divorce) do us part: Early-life family disruption and investment behavior
    CFR Working Paper 19-01 (with André Betzer, P. Raghavendra Rau and Henrik Schürmann)

    • Conferences:  WFA 2020, FIRS 2020, German Finance Association (DGF) 2019
    • Revise and Resubmit

  • Trust and Shareholder Voting
    CFR Working Paper 18-02 (with Marc Goergen and Simon Lesmeister)

  • Where Does Investor Relations Matter the Most?
    (with Dmitry Bazhutov, André Betzer, Francois Brochet and Markus Doumet)

    • Conferences: Swiss Accounting Research Alpine Camp (SARAC) 2018, Annual Accounting Conference 2018 ESMT Berlin, European Accounting Association (EAA) meeting 2018, FARS 2019
    • Reject and Resubmit

Work in Progress: 

  • Delegated Monitoring: the Effectiveness and Pricing of Bond Indenture Trustees
    (with Christian Andres and André Betzer) 

    • Conferences: German Finance Association (DGF) 2012, Münster Banken-Workshop 2012, FMA Atlanta 2012

  • Do Financial Advisors Matter for M&A Pre-Announcement Returns?
    (with Jasmin Gider and André Betzer)

    • Conferences: German Finance Association (DGF) 2017, Swiss Finance Association (SGF) 2018


  • The Role of Reputation in Investment Banking: A Survey
    (with Christian Andres, André Betzer and William L. Megginson)
  • Indexing and the flow-performance relation of active mutual funds



  • "Empirical Applications in Investments and Finance" WT 2019/20 (Evaluation: 1.0)
  • "Corporate Governance" ST 2019 (Evaluation: 1.0)
  • "Empirical Applications in Investments and Finance" WT 2018/19 (not evaluated)
  • "Corporate Governance" ST 2018 (Evaluation: 1.1), awarded with junior teaching award of the faculty
  • "Empirical Applications in Investments and Finance" WT 2017/18 (not evaluated)
  • "Corporate Governance" ST 2017 (Evaluation: 1.2)


  • "Mergers & Acquisitions" WT 2019/2020 (Evaluation: 1.2)
  • "Financial Market Communication" ST 2019 (Evaluation: 1.4)
  • "Leaders in Business and Finance: Who they are, why they differ, and how they matter" ST 2018 (Evaluation: 1.3)
  • "Mergers & Acquisitions" WT 2017/2018 (Evaluation: 1.0)
  • "Leaders in Business and Finance: Who they are, why they differ, and how they matter" ST 2017 (Evaluation: 1.2)
  • "Leaders in Business and Finance: Who they are, why they differ, and how they matter" WT 2016/17
    (not evaluated) 


  • "Academic Writing, Paper Presentation and Discussion"